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how to set up a blog

how to set up a blog

Hello Friends Today you have seen how to setup blog how to set up a medium article feed on your blog. Use quick and easy to install code to create a list of automatically updated articles on the blog. I have spent over a month looking for a medium RSS feed that I can install on my blog.

 This is for really simple syndication, which doesn't help much. Basically an RSS feed is a list of articles on a blog or website. The list is constantly updated as new articles are added. Your personal profile will list the RSS feed from your publication by writing the latest articles you have posted.
 Link to my publication Freelance Writing Zone, FEED which contains the last ten articles I posted: photo, title, sub-title and clap number. Generally, RSS feeds are easy to set up and are free, but apparently RSS feeds are not possible directly, so I think it is very difficult to find a solution.

 Free can often come with unexpected challenges: It can often be a lot more work than anticipated. It may never work, or can break easily. Often there is built-in malware and free is often not updated or maintained. Goes to help BUT in spite of all the possible problems when the WordPress update never happens to you pretty much, it turns out from the code I installed The results look good. Potential problems may occur when some medium begins to change. Will the widget developers update the code or can it just stop working? I decided to take a chance on free for these reasons: when it works, free is good. There are no malware - the code is transparent, I can see every line of it. The performance looks good.

 And hopefully that will result in some traffic. If you are interested in installing the free widget, scroll down to install PixelPoint's free widget here. The other solution is an online application that you will need to purchase. It will have to purchase a full year of service on a free one-week trial. Sociability I am reluctant to try a PAID solution because of the price. I have no idea if many of my blog visitors are PAID moderate members and will generate enough income on Medium to pay for the Society. I have no idea if my blog visitors would be interested in my feed, click on the post or click through.
If you buy their package, you can create a feed for five different social media programs. Here is a link to the medium demo ... looks fine! If you really like it, then give it a test run, especially if you want to use some of their other social media feeds. But get this clear people… A pile of social media feeds on your website / blog, unless you already have traffic to your site, you won’t do any good!

  Have to build your own widget or hunk of code. My eyes are crossed when I start thinking about joining it too! The third choice is definitely for me. My coding skills have deteriorated due to my lack of interest. I don't have to hire anyone and am fairly certain that the cost can be high and I'll take the chance that it doesn't work and will have the same "medium changing things" problem as free code. So no no! If you are a coder and think it will be fun and easy ... please go ahead! If you are feeling generous then feel free to share your code with us.

 I am going to go through the process of how to set up a blog for free installation. It is very easy, although there are some things that I did not understand. Maybe whoever reads this article will know and can help all of us. You can seer our posts

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