let us see how we can start a free blog on Blogger.

let us see how we can start a free blog on Blogger.

Today I will give you information about how to create a free blog, how we can start a blog for free. That too for free, let us see how we can start a blog on Blogger.

  • How to start a blog for free.

So let's start with friends that for free, first of all, what you need is a browser that should have Google or a normal browser and you should have a Gmail ID. OK and then go to Google and write Blogger if you sign. If you have not done it, then no matter if it is done, then it is the blogger's website. 

Direct will be open if you are signing in on Blogger for the first time. Thank you that you just have to keep it in Gmail-sign-in and click on the blogger's website, if you have created a blog before, then this blogger's website will take you to that blog, one of our blogs on the old blog Its going on. 

let us see how we can start a free blog on Blogger.
let us see how we can start a free blog on Blogger.

Now we have come to that but you have not created a blog, then you do not need to do anything by default if you have not made it. So this window will come in front of you, you do not need to do anything here, you have to give the title here, that is. 

  • How to create a new blogger blog?

what is the blog you are making, then I am typing and the blog is the name of our blog and here you address if you want to give it, then I am writing a blog in check, so now you do not have to do anything, come here to select one of them, so I have kept what comes and blog the creation? 

It will be my blog created. So now you can see what has happened, friends, you can start your own blog very easily with people, you can post good posts on it. And later that blog is going on. 

So you can earn a lot of money by getting AdSense verified. Friend, you have liked our post on how to start a blog, with the help of Blogger, please subscribe to our blog and like this blog and you have to make a blog for their shares. Make a blog is not a big deal. Just like you post on Facebook, you have to post a new one here. 

  • What to keep the title.

It is loading. Now you will ask for the title. What to keep the title, then I wrote here the first post and you have to write the post you want to write here now like you have to write about your blog, then you have to write the name of the mobile here. And later I want to write a review of it, I am just writing my first post and publish it, so when you go here, you will see more on your blog.

That first post will appear here, see funnel reading, you can read it by clicking on it. And the other people who will be there is your site, ie this site, but here only dot blog spot will come in. Your own blog will be absolutely free and this is exactly what you post on Facebook as you post here. 

  • Post conclusion

Now you will see here "let us see how we can start a free blog on Blogger." how many people have commented, how many people have seen it right, that is, from where have you come, then make a free blog, become a good blog if it is running, verify Adsense, you can get it with the help of a lot of money. Thank you.

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