All information on how to use a responsive blogger template in Blogspot

All information on how to use a responsive blogger template in Blogspot

Hello friends, today we will know about the blogspot template. Today in this topic, we are going to discuss how we can customize the blogger template or how can we take the blogger template. We are going to discuss this topic today on other things. Read this complete post for us so that you can customize your blogger template well. And well you can use it, so what is the delay, you should keep reading our post.

Friends, as you know, nowadays there are lots of free blogger templates on the Internet. But some templates are free and can be purchased with some money. If we customize whatever templates we have on our blogger website. So she also looks like one of our purchased templates.

  • How to customize blogger template

To customize this, we open our blogger firstly, after opening blogger, firstly you will click on the theme, after clicking the theme, friends here, the option of the template comes down for you. After this what we do is that firstly you will see that there are many templates already in it. Such as a Contempo Emporio easy to notice, so many watermark travel etc. are available on our website. Which is like a blogger, if we want to use any template, then firstly we click on the picture shown to use it. After clicking, you will see how your template will look.
template blogspot
template blogspot

So after seeing that template, if you like it, then you can apply it, otherwise you can use another template as well. So all the blogger templates that we have, we can see them after seeing them.

If we have to customize, edit our Blogger template, then for that we first select our template i.e. theme, after identifying the theme, we click on customize. After clicking on Customize, all the options that you have in your theme will be opened. So in the first option that opens, you can check the theme about what the theme should look like, how the theme should be, who you want to like.

After this comes the background which is the external page of your theme, it should look like you can use it in any color you want. And you can do well for the customer. Then comes the width. You can adjust the width of your blogger template. How much you want to keep You can also adjust its width on your computer laptop or you can also adjust its width according to the desktop. If you are active then you can widen it.

 After this comes the layout, how should your template be, how can you put your own for the layout, you can do it to the customer.
 Advance Settings We discuss a little about how to edit advanced settings in a template in your theme. So first of all, you can edit your page tax. In which fonts you want, the best wide lengths are available on every type of font, then you can do according to your letter in that font.

After this you should know how the background should be, what should be the color of your background, how should the background be, after this the link which is your link which is the link of your topic or any other link which is the color of that link, how you should Want to Blue, red, green, yellow, whichever color you like, you can use that color.

You should edit the blog, how it should look, at which point it should appear, in which color it should appear. So whatever you are, you can edit it well and together you can customize it well in your own way. We can say that you people can give the color and shape as you want. You can adjust the gadget in your favorite. You can use the font of your choice, thus we can easily edit your blog by editing.

  • template free blogger

Now we are going to talk about free blogger template in our post. So where can you use Template Free Blogger for this, whenever you search on Google, Blogger Free Templates, then you will find many such templates in it that you can use easily. To use it, first you have to download any template. After downloading, you will come directly to your blogger.

After coming to Blogger, you will directly click on the Theme Template from your Blogger Dashboard. After clicking on the template, you have to click on Backup or Reinstall it on the right side of the right, after clicking, if you want, then whatever you have currently found your theme is editing whatever is in the post of you. You can also download the theme in your website. After downloading, you can keep it from safety, so maybe we used any template that could not be customized properly, so we can use it from our current template.

So that's why you should download your template, we should download it, after that it comes with wenrer software. After opening the folder which will be created in the theme folder, you will directly click on it from here. After that you can easily upload whatever you have downloaded to Blogger for free.

After uploading how your website will look, you can still edit what happens in it that in some templates you have to edit through coding. And if you can edit some templates through you, then you can edit the simple templates that you have through the gadget by putting a direct link in it without coding. What kind of gadget do you want, which one cannot, but in some templates it happens that you have to open coding STML. Gender has to be inserted in HTML coding, then somewhere our template adjusts well.

  • free blog templates for blogger

Friends, we talk a little about where to get your free blogger template. So for this, you nowadays have many websites on which you get a free template. Provided that it happens that the menu bar in those templates below has a link to their website. Which we feel is a bit difficult to remove. Because if we try to remove that penis, then the whole template becomes useless for us. And goes directly to their website. If we have used a template from whose website, then there is some problem in it, which remains their link. But if we have a good knowledge of coding HTML then you can also remove it. Because of this their link remains there.

So friends, how did you like our post today, which we told about the blogspot template. You must have liked our post, hope you have liked it. You can read more of our posts and share this post with our friends.

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