How to become the best blogger by creating the best blog?

How to become the best blogger by creating the best blog?

Hello, friends welcome to blog on website, friends welcome post, Today we are going to tell you about the best blogs that have made their mark on the internet through their blogging. If you are a blogger then you must have searched Google at some time or the other. 

How to become the best blogger by creating the best blog?
How to become the best blogger by creating the best blog?

Likewise, there are many best blogs available on the internet but we have included the blogs of those bloggers on this list. On whose blogs thousands of people come to read every day and also they earn millions of money. Therefore, the Best Blog List is designed keeping the Alexa Rank in mind. Bloggers whose blogs have Alexa rank up to 200k.

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But the shocking thing is that in every blog you are told about a few selected blogs, but let us tell you that there are thousands of Hindi Best Blogger on the internet who have done the work of giving information in Hindi English language on the internet. When someone starts blogging, he definitely finds the Best Blog List on the internet. 

When I started blogging, I also tried to go about Best Blog, and then I came to know that everyone has told about some blog, and then I thought that my research on the Internet in a day, Best I will create a blog and today I have written that post.

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You will be happy to know that according to a report, by 2050, the maximum content will be available on the internet. So if you want to start blogging, then this is the right time because the competition is going to increase a lot in the coming time. 

For your information, tell us that there was a time when Google Adsense did not show its ads on the Hindi blog but in 2014 Google Adsense. Accepted that people on Google want to read in Hindi language and then Google's advertisement was started to be shown on Blogs and today a lot of Blogger earns a lot of money. Due to which a large number of people are coming in the field of blogging.

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Which elements should be included in a good website or blog, I will mention them in this article, which you should avoid. The information about 'what not to do' is as important as what to do. 

These are the web technologies or trends that should have ended by now! If you want to create a good and reader-friendly website, then keep the following points in mind.

When it was called a fancy feature. The Internet and the website itself is a trend that continues to move forward with constant changes and renovations. The use of many of these either comes due to poor design understanding, so developers themselves are missed in many places. 

Text count counters, random layouts, running sentences, flash intro, background music, more social media buttons, Popping poppy, animated objects forcible attention, rotating globe, calendar or clock in the sidebar, you can still find many websites today. Which will have much to tell her dilapidated condition. There was a time

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What is a hashtag and how to use it correctly? It exposes your technical ability. By writing this, you are not providing any facility to the reader but are revealing your technical limits. You have strongly declared on your footer that all these are flaws of your website and open only in a select environment that you cannot overcome. 

It is better that you remove these obstacles and give the reader a good user experience. Let such an absurdity remain for the official website, whose incompetence is seen on every other website.

Friends, you read our blog post How to make the best blog - How to become the best blogger by creating the best blog? you can send us your experiences through your comment.

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