How to set SEO settings for your blogger website? Blog setup

How to set SEO settings for your blogger website? Blog setup

How to set SEO settings for your blogger website? Blog setup. we will set our blog website. What do we have to set in it so that our site adjusts well? 

How to set SEO settings for your blogger website? Blog setup
How to set SEO settings for your blogger website? 

Hello, friends today, in this post we will know how to set up a blog website, we will set our blog website. What do we have to set in it so that our site adjusts well? Well, rank our post. So let's start.

  • How to set SEO settings for your blogger website?

First of all, we talk about whether a blog site is a blog site or a very good website making platform. Under this, if you buy a domain, you get the SSLR certificate of its hosting free through Blogger. So we can say that the platform to create a website which we call blogger.

What is a site then site friends on which we collect all our information and put it in a collective form? And publish for people to see. Share your information. In this way, we can say that we can call a group of information on the Internet in a common language.

  • How to blog SEO settings in a blog post?

Friends, after creating your blog, the first thing is how we adjust the post. So first of all, your search for any topic, any keyword. After searching, you should make it a topic heading. After making the heading, you should make all its headings. 

Write some introduction to it in your post. After writing in the post, you should write your article for at least 500 or 1000 wards. After writing the article, you should put an image in it. The name of the image which is your heading should be the same name of the image, you can edit the image well.

  • Best place to start a blog.

After writing the post, you will put a category on you, in which category do you want to put your post. After that you can also schedule, if not today, if not tomorrow, then the day after tomorrow you can publish your post. If you wish, you can also publish it at present. 

After this, you have to click on the permanent link. If you click on the permanent link, then according to the heading which is your heading, your URL will be created.

After the URL is created, you enter its search term which is your heading, enter the words of the heading. What you have told in your article, you can put all this in your search box. So I told you about my post, now we directly discuss our entire set.

  • How do I set up a blog?

When you edit the settings of your blog website, first of all, you have to click on the option with your settings. After clicking, you will click on the original written, after that you will enter the title of your website. 

By what name is our website, then you have to enter the name of your website. Then after that, you have to enter a description of your website in at least 500 words.

After entering the details, if your site is HTTPS, then it is very good but in Blogger, HTTPS is available for free. After this, you can add it to your author. If you want to add another writer for your website, then you can also add it. 

After this you will find the comment and share the post, there is nothing in it that you want to see how many pages logo should appear on your own website, then you can click on it. Seven eight nine ten five Whatever you want to show, you can add numbers there.

  • How to set up an SEO blog.

You can comment on your website that you can do with Google account. That only the member of this blog or any other person can do that, after that your email will be displayed, your email will be shown in the email

You can disable it, enable it in such a way and the biggest thing comes the language, then whatever language you use, you can set the language in which we want to credit your website.

Friends now come the important which we call SEO. To do this, you have to do very carefully, which we can say is a search priority. First of all, you can put the meta tag at the top of this meta tag for a minimum of 150 words of your website. 

  • What is a meta tag?

You can create a meta tag by creating a complete detail of the website in short? By which your website comes in search, any post is custom published, after publishing, if we make any kind of change in its URL. So we use Custom Direct to make changes. 

What happens in this is that the first link is the first one that has to be entered, which creates a new URL, a post has to be inserted as well, then sometimes our post comes in search. Otherwise, the error starts to say 404.

  • Setting up a blog website

Then comes the custom Robotex custom robot in your search bar, first you have to write the name of your side. After writing the name of the site, you will appear Robotex, if you enter, then you can put whatever letter comes in it. After this comes to the custom road ahead, so some setting has to be done in it.

You have to put it in it; after putting it, you can save it comfortably, so in this way, friends, you can set your blogger website comfortably. And if your setting is correct, then surely your post is your website, will rank inside Google and will be well published.

  • You can sitemap your site.

Friends, in this way you can combine your website in Google by writing the best post using your website, blog, and website. Which we say Google search console, to add to it, friends, you have to log in, after logging in, now enter the URL of your website.

After this, you can sitemap your site. To do sitemap, you will have to search Google URL, where the site is written, you will see your URL there, after looking at URL, you have to write it there. 

After writing sitemap.xml, you will consolidate, so all your posts will be summed up in Google, so friends, you can do the, setting up a blog website in the right way.

Friends, I hope you will be able to set your blog website SEO settings and share it with your friends.

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