The best blog sites for earning money that helps to earn money.

The best blog sites for earning money that helps to earn money.

The best blog sites for earning money that helps to earn money. Making money online is the best trick. best blog sites to make money. How much can you earn from blogging?

The best blog sites for earning money that helps to earn money.

Well by reading this article you have taken the biggest step to start a blog post "best blog sites to make money"  which can make an income for you and your family.

Hi, friends Monetize your blogging efforts with the best blog sites friends functional guide to making money. You want to join the blogging community. 

  • Best blog sites to make money.

But in the last few years, I have managed to launch a successful blog after a successful blog and can start spending more time with my family. 

I am happy to build a lifestyle. You are really a Running a successful blog can make a real income. So I decided to make this guide for my friends, family, email subscribers and anyone else

This guide to making money blog is completely free. I don't need anything for this. Just take action for you and do it, so many friends will like to do my post, but don't give up too soon, often when their big success can only be a few weeks. I hope you find this guide as enjoyable as I spent writing it.

  • How much can you earn from blogging?

Whether you are looking to add a little extra to your income to pay for some good practices, or you create a blog that supports your lifestyle and allows you to stay on the blog full time, you can make a lot of money. Can earn if you are ready to work hard. So there are lots of great stories of successful bloggers who make money.

I am not going to lie to you, but it can take months to see significant returns on the time you invested in starting a blog, but that is why I created this post to help you achieve your blogging goals. The right step to do.

  • Best blog sites to make money

So let's continue how to create a profitable blog, this is the most important step. There is no point in starting a blog that you want to make money without a plan. Some are extensive and vast; 

Some are small and almost unknown. Some are easier to make money than others. The key to the monetization of a website is. It is important to choose the right place and it should be well thought out. That is why your research is important.

  • Some blogger sites.

As a beginner blogger, it is very easy to get overwhelmed by the choices you have after you start your blog. Some blogging sites may feel better on your wallet, but if you plan to monetize your website.

There are not many ideals. The best blogging platform to earn money is going to be very different from the free options. A comparison and thorough understanding of the topic will help you choose the best blogging platform for you.

You need to set up all of the blogs: domain names, hosting, blogging platforms, blog themes, etc., and you really need to decide that you take the first step. 

Before we get to the best blogging platform Do it Because the blogging platform and hosting you choose can affect your ability to make money. When you start the process of choosing the best blogging platform, it is very important to start with the end in mind.

  • What is a forum for blogging?

Well, let's get to know the basics of how websites operate. All websites are made up of tons of written code that work together to create the look of the website. When you create a website from scratch, you have to manually write every single line of coding.

A blogging platform serves as the foundation of your blog. Blogging platforms do not technically cost money because they all offer free hosting plans, but you should be wary of using free blog hosting.

  • What is blog hosting?

All blogs and websites must be hosted by a server to actually take your blog online. Blog hosting companies have tons of these servers and are fully present to ensure that your blog is online and people can access it. 

All blogging platforms offer a free hosting plan when you select their platform, but most of them also offer paid packages called self-host plans.

In general, free blog hosting sites are better for those who want a hobby blog and less desire to make an income. There are several limitations that come with free blog sites, including the ability to make money with ads, ownership of your domain name, plugins to optimize your blog, and others.

Access to methods, storage space, access to premium themes, and also. The biggest limitation with some free blog hosting is how it affects your ability to monetize your site.

  • Best Blogging Platform (Blog Site).

We are going to visit the six largest and most popular blogging platforms and then follow it up with some additional free blogging platforms.

  • WordPress Blogging Platform, 

WordPress is the 1st most widely used blogging platform in the world. There are two versions of WordPress: (free) and (paid). 

The free version comes with the same limitations that we described above, so the rest of this section will be about (self-hosted, paid versions) that come with access to many more features.

The best thing about so far is that you get access to thousands of plugins that allow you to customize your blog in many ways including contact forms, email forms, social media buttons, and more. Please allow. 

Other blogging platforms are not widely used, so they have very few plugins, themes, and other customizations to choose from. Pair with a great hosting plan like Bluehost. You can sign up for Bluehost for and install WordPress on your site in just one click! Your Bluehost plan also comes with a free domain name!

  • Wix blogging platform.

Wix is ​​possibly best known for its drag-and-drop software. This makes it incredibly user friendly with a very short learning curve. There is also a free version, but it is also more limited than the free version of WordPress. 

There are very few optimizations on the free version and you are stuck with Wix ads on your site. The paid version is really the only way to go if you want to make money.

  • Blogger free blogging site by google.

Blogger is actually owned by Google, so it is one of the only free blogging platforms that you can install on Google AdSense and earn advertising income. You also get the facility of Google Analytics to track the data on your site.

Will run into similar problems with limited access to plugins. Blogger is not updated often, so the software available can sometimes be outdated and less reliable. 

Apart from the ability to earn advertising revenue, monetizing your site with Blogger is still very difficult. There are no paid hosting options and you will also have your own domain name ("" in the URL of your blog).

  • Free blogging forum Tumblr

Tumblr is a great place to network with other bloggers and the content is shared regularly as "re-posting". This adds an additional way to get exposure to your content that other platforms do not have because it is somewhat of a "social" media platform. 

That being said, design capabilities are extremely limited on Tumblr. You are limited to a set of themes or templates to choose from. You have read on the post "The best blog sites for earning money that helps to earn money. How did you like it? You can send your suggestions through comments to us, along with your friends, share this post.

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