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how to start a blog WordPress

how to start a blog WordPress

Hello friends welcome to the blog in, today we will learn how to create a WordPress theme free blog website, we are going to discuss this topic today, friends, please complete our post so that some of your queries are active, let's start. Like friends, you know that we can create a free website on Word Press by taking this some words, how to create a website, 
how to start a blog WordPress
how to start a blog WordPress

how to create a blog If you want to ask a money man from the internet, then it is very important for you to know that through a blog or website you can easily do some money sitting at home. Today's world's most unique invention is the Internet's biggest popular thing. Website is anything you need to know or to solve any problem, then without thinking about it, do your search directly on Google and you will need to search through many websites. 

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With this, you will get the solution, but have you ever thought that the solution that you get on Google comes from where you are, yes friends like you know that if we search any thing on the internet, then there is no one The platform definitely makes all this information accessible to you through a website or blog which we search on Google like we search any keyword on Google, first of all Ds related are a lot of options so we click on an option we direct someone they must arrive at the hotel to visit a website he Blogger Website rough Website friends comes first

  • What is the website, 

Jiya friends? We discuss this topic a little bit. What is the website? It is just like the Facebook World Social Network website, its job is that through your friends you can chat online to the family, you can share the photo video. Google is also a website that gives people the results to search.

  • WordPress free blog

How to make a free blog, friends, a lot of things are required to create a free blog website. You may have to spend some money too. If you take hosting free and in words, then you do not need to spend money but you If you want to create a website or blog to send your personal, then for that you first have to name the website Mini. You can name your business or the name of anything You have to buy domain name tone lm name after that, after this you can suck a good platform or WordPress or blogs takes blog free while you can buy this hosting by applying something like this, if you know how to build from website then you can make If not, then you can also make your website through any one of you.

Friends, if you want to create a website with your name, then you can easily create it, just for this you will have to suck an online platform and you can take admin in hosting or words from any place, you can easily create a website in your name. Or you can make a website from any web developer, you can take information from him.

  • What is Blogs

Friends, I have already told you about my blogs through my post, that most of the posts related to the blogger website on my blog and website only, you will see on our website, then you know about the blog. Will have done but let me tell you.

  • How to make a free blog 

Friends, you do not need to spend a lot of money to make a free blog, in this, you can create your free blog just by purchasing your domain name. There are two most popular platforms for making a blog, one is Blogger. And if you have WordPress, you can also create your own blog website by going to Blogger, you can always create it by going to WordPress. Does not talk about the form, because I am not using it right now, in this way, I am very good on this two platforms, I give both of them their own good and it is the best but can make the website in the most efficient way in the country.

Friends, if you have read this post how to start a blog WordPress of ours, then you can send us your suggestions through comments, you can also share this post with your friends.

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