Tell us important tips on how to start blogging? What to do?

Tell us important tips on how to start blogging? What to do?

Tell us important tips on how to start blogging? What to do? Yes, you too can earn a lot of money from blogging, but you have to be serious for this, Hardwork you have to do this and you have to keep full knowledge of blogging, you can also earn, in such a situation that you too can start earning money by starting your career online now, because the group is now coming in the DIgital world.

Tell us important tips on how to start blogging? What to do?

  • Best blog sites blogging like a business.

So friends, if you have made up your mind to know that blogging Kaya her, I will tell you that you have taken the best decision of your life because only India has 37 crore internet users and only a few groups in this number will be more than 50 crores. 

You will not believe that today people are doing Blogging like a business. If you talk about India, then the bloggers of India are earning 20 to 25 lakh rupees per month from their blog.

If you want to learn blogging from the heart then only read this post carefully, otherwise, close the post now, because blogging is for the hardworking people, now you must be thinking that I have no knowledge of blogging at all, So how can I make money? 

So in view of this, the StarBlogging website has been created so that you can be given the complete and correct information of Blogging in the English language. These are many times easier and better than doing any job and money in this is many times more than any job. |

  • How do you start a blog?

So, now that we know what blogging is and how to start blogging, to make you understand how to start blogging, I divided blogging into 7 steps, which we will go step by step. It is important to follow each step carefully, only then you will be able to understand blogging easily and correctly. 

Now the first question comes, which topic should be made or what should be the blog's niche? Most bloggers here make mistakes. They choose a topic that is not right for them and there is no benefit to that topic. 

How to choose the best topic for yourself interest: Firstly you should see your interest to see what you like. Like if you like going to the gym, then you can make your own blog related to health or gym exercise.

  • You can create a blog related to it.

If you use a mobile or computer more then it is common that you will have more so information about the mobile on a computer. so in such a situation, you can create a blog related to it, in which you can share information about mobile and computer. 

Passion: The work that you are Passionate, meaning the work you can do without wearying and the topic on which you prefer to talk to others, it will be good for you to make a blog on the same topic

  • Choose a good blogging platform.

Once selected the topic in Blogging, our next task is to choose a good blogging platform. A blogging platform is most important for any blogger, where he creates his blog. 

What used to be that whenever someone had to create a website, he had to learn any coding languages, which was quite a difficult task. | But, the happy thing is that now such tools have arrived. Some of which we can make any website 20 minutes, that too without any coding knowledge. Such software tools are called the blogging platform. 

We can create blogs for free. The features are very less. Our control over the blog is very less. The themes are very limited.

  • You have to use the extension with the domain.

You have to invest some money to create a blog. There is no shortage of features. We have complete control over the blog. Here you get unlimited themes. You can use your own domain.

And one thing I want to tell you is that no matter what blogging platform you use, one day you will have to come to Wordpress. 

That is why if you want to pursue a career in blogging, I would recommend you to itself. But if you are a student and want to learn to blog, then you can use some other blogging platform like a Blogger, Wix, and

  • Select the Domain Name.

Now you have to choose a domain name to create a blog. If you do not know about the domain, then you should carefully read our post What is Domain Name. In this, you will get all the information about the domain. 

If I tell you in short, then the domain is the address of any website, as the domain of our website is the domain that resembles your Niche (topic) or unique, Has not used

Bloggers are unable to decide which hosting or hosting plan is right for their website, and they also cannot decide from which website to host. 

Here if the traffic on your website is less then you also have money for hosting. Should give less or hosting should also be purchased from a trusted website. You can see the offer and on which you are getting a good offer, you should buy the hosting from there.

  • Post conclusion

Friends tell me in this post "Important tips on starting blogging? What to do?" Hope to see you liked it, share it with your friends.

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