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What Does DNS Do

What Does DNS Do

My name is Jitendra, let's know in this video, DN, let's assume about this, we have a network in which a lot of PCs are connected in these pieces, on top of that, we have placed an IP address concierge so that it can be a comic at and when If one computer needs any data from other computer, then we can access it by using this IP address. Let's say that in zero and their format, but it is okay for us to remember things by their number but to a certain extent, but it has its own limits, but we can remember the names of things easily.

  • Domain Name Server

Some logical names are given so that these computers can also be searched by their names in the same way that your computer or you are accessing the internet while sitting at home. On the website that you search, you can search only by name, not their IS, but they also have an IP address lying on the Internet, who takes care of these things, then from here the work of DNH starts DNA score. The domain name goes to the system in whose name the name system serves, the name is done by the name i.e.
What Does DNS Do
What Does DNS Do

Name to IP and you know the name of a computer website. There is no need to know the address as if it is a computer or web server on which the website is posted, its name is given to its admittance and the entry of this name with its address has got the DNA serviced like you would that web-server If you search by its name, then the DNA will solve the DSquery in the background,

  • DNS How It Works

DNA will translate that name to the web server IP address of that computer and you will be able to directly It will know that it will connect to the friend or they never need to know what is the address of this computer or in other words, if we know the name of a computer, then DNA helps us in finding its address. Or if we know his address, then his name can be traced so that DM is used, that is, translating trans The easiest way to understand this is a phone book, such as a phone book in your mobile phone, in which you add your friend's name and you save their phone number with that name, then you have a friend There is no need to remember the phone number of a relative or e.

You search his name from your phonebook and call him, your mobile phone in the background, that name is not your friend's phone. Translates with bar and establishes your call connectivity with your friend in exactly the same way as the DNA translates the computer name to them and uses the number of the DNA you make with them in the same way. looks.

  • DNS Structure

EPDSAP Server Provides Its Services Above Court Number 37 DNA Provides Its Service UDP Fort Number 53k Above Can Use DNH On Internet Of Its Own or Private Networks Today Can't Imagine Without DNA In Arios Today You can't even imagine that the internet can work without DNH because without DNH you need a website or web server It is a difficult task to remember the IP address and how many businesses are in the world, remembering the IP dress of all of them is a difficult task in itself,

but you simply simplify those web servers whether it is Cisco and whether it is Microsoft's Google Let's do a search and translates that name in the DNA background and gives you connectivity, let's look at the neem before the DNA Let's talk about what the system was, the file was used for DM and in the meeting also you get to see this file. This file was kept as one which is called Free International today.

Course was done and computer or it had to download this file but there were some limitations of this file such as this and other thing and to manage after one limit is very It gets difficult, so someone starts looking for it and uses the DNS that came in the DNA as its alternation, ie it is in the format and it is the distributor is upside down ie it starts from one place and goes away. Apart from being auditioned, there can be responibility everywhere,

we will discuss about it in detail, now let me ask you that you should tell me about DNA Take used use the file name you Option A DNA.

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