All information on how to start a blog and pay for it to earn maximum money

All information on how to start a blog and pay for it to earn maximum money

Blogging is a great way to share your thoughts and passion about any subject. How to start a blog and pay for it How to earn maximum money All information, incidentally it is also a wonderful way to make money online. There is a common perception in India that bloggers cannot earn enough through online blogging. This is not true. There are many Indian bloggers who are earning millions from blogging. So, if you too have a blog and have not started earning money from it yet, now is the time to work on it!

  • Ad network

This is the easiest way to earn money; This will be a good initial effort for those who make their blog a way to earn money. Therefore, this is the most used method of making money for blogs. This method is used all over the world and it is also very popular in India. How it works: You display the ad on your blog - when your audience clicks on these ads, you get a commission from the advertiser.

Select the advertising network you want to work with. AdSense (owned by Google) is the most preferred network among bloggers and advertisers. There are also other options like BitWritizer, Infolinks. You can become a publisher by applying on your ad network of your choice. At the time of applying, you have to provide details of payment (information about the account where you want to receive the commission amount) among other things, so keep all these things ready when you apply.
All information on how to start a blog and pay for it to earn maximum money

Once confirmed, you will be given ad codes that you need to put on your blog - where you want these ads to appear is up to you. You can either show the ad in the middle of the text section or show it on the sidebar again. Once your application is accepted, Ed will send you a confirmation email from the network. Once you put these codes correctly, you are ready to move forward. In a few hours your ad network will start showing advertisements at the places mentioned by you. Now your work is complete. Now it is up to your readers to see or click on these advertisements and thus they can earn some money for you.

Tips to earn more: Find out which place and which type of ads get more clicks, improve your ad placement accordingly. Advertisements with photographs are more effective for some blogs, then advertisements with words for others. So include both types of ads until you reach your maximum. How much you can earn: Earnings per click can range from $ 0.01 to $ 50. How much the advertisement will pay on your blog depends on the topic of your blog, because the ad is related to that topic. Also, how much you earn depends on the audience or readers who click on those ads.

  • Associate marketing

In this way you can earn good money from your blog. Here you want to earn by displaying advertisements for related products or services. You have to be prudent in choosing the products or services you want to promote. For this, you have to do research as well as analyze what your readers like. When you apply this method on your blog, keep this in mind that do not do too much publicity in it. Your readers come to your blog to read and share your blogging journey. Therefore, do not keep them away from your blog by presenting promotional material to them all the time.

How it works: Place an advertisement or link to the product / service of your choice on your blog. When a reader clicks on these links and makes a purchase, you get a commission from the company providing the product / service.

  • How to apply this to your blog:

Now we are ready to start earning from this effort. Now whenever a reader will click on this link / advertisement and buy the product or service, you will get its commission. How much you can earn: There is a huge difference in how much commission you will get on each sale. It depends on the website as well as the product. You can get commission from 2.5% to 50% of the total sales amount. In addition, the earnings also depend on the product purchased by the buyer. For example, you have placed a Flipkart advertisement on your blog - if a reader buys clothes, you get a higher commission than a reader who buys mobiles.

Ways to earn more: Promote products / services that are closely related to your place and your readers and assure that they are also sold. Although it is easy to sell a popular product, it gets less commission, so always look for a product that is less popular but is a good product and that can get more commission for you.

Select the product / service you want to affiliate with, there are some popular affiliate networks like Clickbank, OMG India, TrueTrack Media. You can also directly associate with website like Flipkart, Amazon etc. Apply to get affiliated with your preferred website. Apart from other information here, you can also be asked for information about the marketing / promotion strategy of your blog. Most of the website will check your application and can approve or reject it within 24 to 72 hours. Once your application is approved If done then you will be able to log in to your affiliate account and place various links / advertisements on your blog. Akr check that it is working properly or not.

  • Sell ​​your own product

How it works: You create a product / service based on your expertise and then sell it to your readers on your blog. There is no better way than top control to earn money by selling your goods on your blog. This is the most stable way to earn money from your blog because you have complete control over the process. Starting from designing the product to pricing and marketing, everyone is in your right - so the more you try and earn the more you will earn.

How to apply to your blog:
Create a landing page on your blog, giving detailed information about your product. Apart from giving information about its features, its advantages and usage, make a left button to buy on it. Promote your product / service to your readers as well. You can do this through e-mail marketing, social media promotion, adwords. Sell your on product and earn from it.

You can create a product / service yourself or have someone else prepare it for you. You can make physical products like books, cookies, DIY kits or digital products like eBooks, video courses, etc. Set a selling price of your product. Decide how to deliver your product / service to customers. Can we send it by courier or mail or will it have to be delivered privately? Also, decide the mode of payment - by PayPal or bank transfer, by cash or check - you have to adopt a convenient mode of payment which is convenient for you as well as your customers.

Tips to earn more: First research what your readers would like to buy and only then start designing your product / service. If you create something that your readers want, then it will sell itself like a hot cake. How much you can earn: You can earn as much as you want on it. Since everything from spending on the product to fixing the price is in your hands, the earnings from it are also up to you. The better your product, the higher its sales and the higher your earnings.

  • Freelancing through your blog

How it works: You give your expertise / expertise to those you need as an advisor and they pay you in return. Alternatively you can take projects that need to be implemented and in return you get paid. If you have been writing a blog for some time on one subject, it means that you have a good idea on that subject. There will be considerable knowledge, skills and expertise. Freelancing is a way of earning money through its efficiency and expertise. If you have a marketable skill, such as designing or baking, you can earn money by promoting it on your blog, as well as taking up tasks in which this skill can be used. If you do not have any expertise, you can still guide new bloggers and charge them for advice. You will be surprised to know that a large number of people are ready to give money in exchange for your advice - such advice which you have been giving so far for free.

How to apply it to your blog:
Create a fully dedicated landing page listing your services on your blog. On this page, specifically mention why someone should take your service, what benefits you will give to them more than others and most important is that you must give information in your payment that how a needy should contact you And can take your service. As a freelancer give a brief description of what you want to give.

Inform your readers about your services and encourage them to use them. Along with this, appeal to them to discuss these services with their acquaintances and family members. In this way your readers will be aware of the services provided by you and will use it when needed. Promote your services on other mediums like advertising, social media. The more you advertise, the more aware people will be about your services and in this way you will also get more work opportunities.

How much you can earn: Your earnings will depend on your level of knowledge and how popular the services you are offering. You decide the price - that is, the earning potential is unlimited. If you are an expert in your own space, then your earnings can reach the sky immediately, you can work on complex projects that you can earn more. Once you have some work, complete it in a professional manner. Get paid as soon as you are done and keep earning from your blog. Tips to earn more: Never underestimate yourself. If you cannot decide the price by yourself, then do a survey among the readers how much they want to spend for a particular service. Most bloggers are saddened by the fact that they have not sold themselves properly, and thus are deprived of good earnings.

  • Advertise directly on your blog

How it works: You place advertisements on your blog - you get a commission when readers click on it, or you can decide a monthly or weekly fee from advertisers if you want. This is another great way to earn money. Is what many bloggers use. Although this method is quite beneficial for some people, it is not at all for some. At the ground level, this approach is similar to the ad network, for example, you advertise on your blog and you earn from it. However, there is considerable difference in its implementation. Where in ad networks you have no control over the display of ad and the revenue generated from it, whereas you have complete control in it. You decide for yourself what ad will be displayed on your blog and what it will cost. In this way, the advertiser contacts you to put their own advertisements on your blog, thus the middleman (ad network) gets finished and this increases your earning potential.

How to apply it to your blog:
Create a 'Advertise with us' page on your blog. Give all the information on this page so that it is easy for potential advertisers to decide whether to advertise on this blog or not. Give a brief description of the blog's readers on your page, on which topics you write, and most important, be aware of the price of your ad spots. Since this is your blog, you can fix the price. Remember, you can charge differently for different places. You can place a higher price for the header banner and lower the price of the advertisement in the middle of the article. Along with this, you must give information about how to contact you on this. Decide the place (ad spots) where you will place the advertisement on your blog. You can place the ad in footer, header, sidebar or anywhere in between articles.

Create a box like 'advertisement hair' for advertising on your blog. This will keep an eye on potential advertisers visiting your blog. Apply to join a monetization network where you can give information about your blog, your ad spots and their price. This will promote your blog among other advertisers as well. Bicel Aids is a very popular monetization network.

How much you can earn: Since you decide the price of your ad spots yourself, your earning capacity is in your hands. However, in general, the larger the readership, the higher your earnings will be because advertisers also want to pay a higher price if more people are likely to see their products. Some advertisers want to negotiate a price with you - So keep yourself ready for such possibilities too. Once the price is fixed with the advertiser, then run their advertisement on your blog and start making money.

Tips to earn more: Do not put an advertisement hair board for all ad spots. Place dummy advertisements in some prominent places. This gives you some benefit mentally when a potential advertiser sees your blog. Seeing the dummy ad, the advertiser feels that there are already advertisements on the blog, that is, advertising on this blog can prove to be a profitable deal. Apart from this, it may come to the mind of the advertiser that the space left for advertising on your blog may also be filled up soon and he may be deprived of advertising on your blog. Both methods can encourage advertisers to do business with you.

Here are the top five ways to earn the most from your blog. Earning money from your blog is neither rocket science nor children's play. You have to be a little smart when choosing and designing products to promote. You have to make a little effort to increase the number of readers devoted to your blog, which will ultimately help you earn from your blog. And most important, you have to promote your blog among more and more people so that your earnings can increase in future.

Most bloggers write very good articles "All information on how to start a blog and pay for it to earn maximum money" but they forget to promote it. A blog without publicity is the same as a secret diary. Only the blogger knows about it. The blog reaches the potential readers only through publicity and then it is popular among the people. So promote your blog, adopt any or all of the above mentioned measures and earn money from your blog.

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