How to write a successful blog, which things need to be kept in mind

How to write a successful blog, which things need to be kept in mind

How to write a successful blog, which things need to be kept in mind, how to make a blog successful, blog topics, blogging platform, brand name in blogging, ability to write, do not work properly on the blog instead of thinking of making money. Doing, how to get involved with the readers, how to make a successful start of the blog and the best ways to earn money, congratulations on the completion of 2019 year, you people are constantly connected with us. Because today we have also completed Successful 2019 in Blogging, which is a happy thing in itself, we will share the blogging experience among you all and try to tell how we should start a successful blog and then our success How to earn money from a blog, so today we are sharing with you the experience of 2 years of this blog among you, so that you too can start making a successful blogger and earn money online. Can come true
How to write a successful blog, which things need to be kept in mind

By the way, if you are also a blogger, then you are going to start your new blog and if you want to earn money from the very beginning, then you should leave the blog and go to another field where you work from morning to evening after work. You get the money for that day's hard work, that is, the blog is such a long term platform in which you have to give time along with your hard work.

  • how to start a blog

That is to say, in simple words, blog is that plant of your garden which after planting it for many years, it has to be fed with fertilizer and care, then it is said that in a certain season, that plant starts to bear fruit. To taste, you had to wait for so long, if you want to make a career in blog or any field, then first of all you have to learn and then start it. Land go somewhere and have to make the scope of your customer can think about earning money so let us know how you should follow the good in things which can start a successful blog

  • Blog topics

Most of the new bloggers are seen nowadays, after seeing another blogger, they make their own blog on the same topic and in the beginning, they write many posts with enthusiasm and then after some time a time comes that they have There are no topics of their own thinking, so that they start writing related posts on their blog in such a situation, so that the readers of that blog also get confused. Sector has come for you to read on your blog and now looks after them anymore information.

By doing this, you only increase the number of post numbers in your blog, but somewhere your readers start getting less slowly after getting the information about the topic you were linked to, whenever you blog If you start, then there is a chance of getting more success by focusing on your main topic like if you start a blog on Study, Technical or Motivational Base but even With the passage of time, instead of giving them tips and information on your blog, you start writing jokes, shayari or something else, in such a way, all the effort done on your blog starts slowly becoming useless, then it also comes. If the view on your blog is negligible, then only one mistake can cause huge loss, so we should always avoid doing so.

  • Blogging platform

If you are really thinking about making an online money, then you should also start your blog seriously, for which it is necessary to choose the best Blogging Platform so that even without the knowledge of less coding, your blog should be good ways. For which, nowadays the most popular Blogging Platform in Blogging Platform is "WordPress". If you have a little money, then you should have the first choice to buy Paid Service Hosting with WordPress, but if you If there is no money for the blog, you can start a blog on Blog-spot (Blogger.Com) just by purchasing the blog name “Domain”, then later on earning income you can buy WordPress Hosting at your convenience.

  • Brand name in blogging

Just as your blog name starts being famous with a brand name in the blogging world, so you should always keep the name of the blog unique according to the topic of your blog, then later your blog will be a brand. In the beginning, when a new blogger creates a blog, he should first identify the name of the blog according to his topics. It is when your blog starts to become popular, then people start knowing this by your blog name, this kind of information is available on your blog, so if someone needs any information according to the topics of your blog then people search by your blog name. Let's start doing

  • How to make blog successful

It is not that when we started the blog, we knew everything but if you have the urge to do something and learn, then you can make your blog a success even by starting 0, for which only your continuous Hard work matters

  • Ability to write

When you start a blog, did you think that you are creating a blog through Inspire from someone or you have writing skill to write by yourself, it is very important to have a writing skill for a blog. Suppose you see a blog by looking at a blog But if you do not write by yourself or you do not know what to write, then there is no point in creating your blog, so if you start a blog then your eggs Blog is very important to the Writing Skill to succeed is if you can write Unique Content For Your Blog

  • Fix yourself time for blog

If you do not make a definite time and update on the blog, then you may not be left behind in this competition, so it is very important to make a daily work routine for the blog like every task. Time is required to write a post for the blog in the same way, so time has to be given for the blog, some people write many posts in 1 day, then many people take time to write 1 post, so If you find time for a regular time to time is very important to Fix if you blog at that time to blog.

  • Constantly learning

Blogging is a field in which the more you learn, the more it is best for you, during the course of blogging, there are many such technical problems, SEO, Blog Ranking and many other problems that we can always correct by taking that problem well. Can do this only when you have the desire to learn.

  • Do not work properly on the blog instead of thinking of making money

First of all we should remove it from your mind that from tomorrow you will start making money from the blog, first work hard in blogging, then you can earn a lot of money from your blog at a time, which you would never have imagined yourself. You are thinking that you have made a blog today and will start earning a lot of money from tomorrow, then it is wrong to think that as we had mentioned above that you earn money from the blog You have to give both time and effort first, then as Pageview increases on your blog, then there are ways to earn money from your blog, so if you are going to start a blog and are thinking like this from the next day You will earn a lot of money, so it is useless for you to think that as long as you keep thinking only about making money from a blog in your mind, then anytime you are well on your blog Trust not even write Paige Because when the next day you can not earn money to blogging is a no Commayi your blog then you will feel such

  • Avoid copying

If you are really serious about making money from a blog, then you will never forget to copy another blog post, it is often seen that when a new blogger creates a blog, in the absence of less information, he will copy the post of another blog. They start posting on their blog, then when neither the pageview comes on their blog nor the approval of Google Adsense for income, then they start to demotivate slowly. And then they feel that blogging is not made for them, then it is also right to think that copying cannot be successful in the blog, so whenever you make a blog, copy it from somewhere in the direction of increasing the post quickly. Instead of writing to yourself, the more you write your blog, the faster it will grow, so that you will keep increasing interest towards blogging.

  • Associated with readers

When you start blogging, fix the time for your readers and keep them connected to your readers through your blog comments, email, social media, so the bigger your Fan Fallowing number, the sooner your blog will become popular. With which there will be more chances of success in the blog, first of all you should understand that for whom you are writing the blog, then a simple answer will come - for your readers, then think when you If your readers are not connected through blogs, then how will you know how your readers are liking posts and what kind of posts they want your blog.

Never ignore reader's comments or any questions asked
In today's time, many such bloggers will be found who through the comments asked on their blog, reply to questions quickly without losing time, so that readers become fans of that blog, but there are also many bloggers who comment Do not give much importance, comment is the most important part of the blog, so that post is constantly updated in the search engine and the comment and its response on a blog If you come fast, it means that the admin and readers of that blog are both active, so you also want to make a name in the world of blogging and to make the best image of your blog among people, then never ignore the comment and as soon as possible. So that they can solve their problem, so that later on, the same readers and people will be associated with your blog, which is beneficial for you and your blog.

  • Make yourself a brand

Never leave the topics you started with the blog, so that later you will get so many posts of that topic, so that if any reader comes to your blog and gets everything in one place, then that reader will surely become your best fan. Go and in their eyes you will be known as a brand blog, so never change your or your blog's standard.

  • Focus on yourself instead of others

Due to which we get to know a negative thing which has nothing to do with the real, in such a time it seems that blogging is just a waste of time because people are not talking about money unless they are earning money. Often they come to focus on themselves, this is a point that is often necessary for every field, but often people focus on others rather than focusing on their work. More focus is seem to who is doing what situation you will lose focus on your blogging and pay more attention to things of other people.

  • Keep working

It takes both time and effort to earn money from blogging, so keep updating your blog always, so that the chances of your blog being successful are increased.
It is also often seen that people who create new blogs start writing a lot of posts in the beginning and as time goes by, the posting becomes very little or no, it is because of making money from the blog in the beginning. In the desire of the post, they keep writing a lot, but when Earning is not equal after this, then the mind starts slowly moving away from blogging, so work on your blog as much as you can by creating a routine. Rte get your blog is updated constantly so they will see a great improvement in both your View and ranking then you can earn so much money from your blog envisioned here would have been no

Finding and correcting your mistake rather than giving up
If you want to make your blog successful, then first of all decide that you will never give up, it will be your goal to be successful in blogging, for which you need to research that you are writing so many posts every Even if you are sharing space, why are you not seeing the final view on your blog, when you give a lot of time to blogging, yet when the earning is less then it seems that time too Land no longer be ours nothing to blogging and slowly begin to leave to blogging Frustrated

When you consider yourself better than others, then there is a time that what people will teach us becomes a thinking, but there are many other things that we do not know, maybe it is a new blogger or someone else Blogger does very well, if you want to learn inside then you should not hesitate to learn from them.

Often, in order to make the blog look more beautiful, they keep adding new new themes and many Widgets are also added, due to which the loading speed of the blog is greatly slowed down, so again if your blog is not Search Engine Friendly, then your blog is less People are able to visit, which causes loss of your blog, in such a situation, it is always necessary to do all these things with caution.

There is no shortcut to success, it is also important to keep in mind that just like you created a blog today and today, you have put Adsense in the circle of earning money and you also start clicking on ads with your own logo. It is against the policy as soon as Adsense comes to know about it, then the chances of your Adsense account being closed increases, so it is better to keep yourself away from all these things.

When you are blogging on WordPress, there are options of plugins which can be easily downloaded and serviced, such a new blogger downloads many plugins which are not needed much, which also allows more plugins to blog. Speed ​​slows down a lot, in such a way it is beneficial to download only the necessary plugins.

  • How to earn money from blog

When you create a blog in a good way and your blog starts having a good per day pageview, then now you can apply for Google Adsense to earn money from your blog, a best for Google Adsense Blog Earning Apart from this, there are many other advertisement company which can also earn Earning by searching and putting their ads on their blog. Apart from this, Online Sell, Affiliate Marketing, E-Book Selling, Link Advertisement, Online Paid Service Is through earn money and Pageview on the first blog to make money from all of these methods is very important to be substantial

In this way, through this post, we told the basic things of blogging "How to write a successful blog, which are important things to keep in mind" by following which you can also make your blog successful and make money from your blog. 

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