Should you start a YouTube channel this year?

Should you start a YouTube channel this year?

Should you start a YouTube channel this year? What are the pros and cons? It is too late? Is it too crowded? What are some lesser-known reasons to start a YouTube channel? We're going to talk about them in this video, but hey, if we're just getting along, my name is Balbodi Ramtoriya and my passion is helping you build Your influence with online video. On this channel, we review a lot of technical gear,

Talking about cameras, as well as tips and strategy videos just like this one and I am super excited about the video today. We are talking about the reasons for starting YouTube and today we are also giving.

You need reasons to start a YouTube channel this year. As we move into 2020, I really think there are many reasons to start a YouTube channel. Some of the main people talk about most of them. Also we are going to talk about creative community ideas from our community and to help you start a free video series and grow fast, if you want to see some training to help you find anything on camera Towards suggestions, ideas and development. here is my.
Should you start a YouTube channel this year

"You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start becoming great." I think there is something about it when it comes to starting something new, regrets and wanting to get to where we look is our favorite YouTuber, or where we see our favorite entrepreneur. This is like living in their greatness but the reality is, you have to start becoming great. What are 10 reasons or some reasons to start? Number one, to be a Creator. Not just consumers.

Right now most people are consumers and there is nothing wrong with that. I'm a consumer of Netflix or YouTube if we're thinking about content. I mean I watch a lot of YouTube. In fact, I would love to hear some of your favorite channels. For me I see a lot of entrepreneurial content. Whether from Gary V, or Ivan Carmichael, or Valuation. I see your news from Bill DiFranco. I love watching YouTube, but there is something so powerful about not being a consumer, but moving into the role of being a producer.

You eventually join a community being a producer community and something different is about being a producer. I think you respect the game more. You can watch a movie and enjoy it, but if you make films, the next time you watch movies, you appreciate them from a nother level. You can appreciate your favorite creator who is putting out a lot of content but if you start to finish the content, you can realize how hard it really is and you respect them, you respect the piece We do,

It really changes your life, being a consumer, being a producer. He is number one. Reason number two is history and heritage and these are the first few reasons that we don't really think about. We think let's get ideas and let's become famous and they are also reason, but reason number two, history and heritage.

When you start uploading content, you just want to keep it on YouTube for history, for heritage, for remembrance. I reached out to Twitter to ask you some reasons and what Momin said to check. I started YouTube for documents. Random weird or cute things my kids have done since they were kids. Over time, we became more vigorous. Of course it would be nice to become a famous vulgar but forget for a second. Is there anything more about the document that you can share and look back on in the future?

You too can eventually create a bus, upload videos to YouTube, but simply share them with your family. Just share them with your community. Perhaps one reason for you to start YouTube may be history and heritage. Number three is simply to express your creativity. Jeven says, I started YouTube as a place to keep a creative outlet away from my customers.

As a videographer, I believe, or a photographer, you have to do the work that you have to do, but sometimes you can go to YouTube to do the work you love to do and just your creativity Express to Have fun Put your message in the world.

I expressed myself creatively in editing and this is my least viewed series and it is my favorite series. Why, because the heart of a creator is just to express yourself creatively and I know that maybe there is something you are passionate about. Like you It also cannot be YouTube.

But there is a great reason just as a place to express your creativity. Personal development. Personal development. Let me tell you this Probably one of the things that has triggered the most growth in my life, it affects every area of ​​my life was starting YouTube. YouTube was starting, because you will just grow, commit to uploading content and here's what I mean.

When you come to YouTube, you develop skills. First of all you can get on YouTube and be super overwhelmed. You are probably the one. Edit edit. It forces you. When you are committed to being a creator and not just a consumer, to develop new skills and what happens after you start, you start beating the obstacles you need to learn.

How to create a thumbnail? How do i do this too? How do I make a video? There are a million subtle skills that you learn and what I have learned here. They help you in other areas of life. Your career, your future, your job. They can give you a place for promotion in the future.

When you get yourself out of there, it forces you to grow and grow personally. Your knowledge. You learn a lot in the process. problem solving. I will tell you what and tell me if you can relate to it. You are trying to export a video. Why there is no audio or you are trying to figure out how to edit and something is wrong! You run into obstacles and learn new things if you press through.

You learn to solve problems. Overcome issues. This makes you more valuable even in your skills potentially for a career and it helps you solve problems overall. In fact, let me know how long you have been on YouTube because I know a lot of watching from the think media community.

That is my background. I started video production for my church in 2003. I started a business. Wedding videos, small business, business. Phil Smart, Mercedes, YMCA. Working with other YouTubers. I was not trying to develop a YouTube channel. I was using this YouTube channel.

The sixth reason to start a YouTube channel is a great way to find it because YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and so what do you want to go for? if you? what brand? Which subject? What expertise do you want to be known for? Right now if you are in live chat, Heather is responding to your comments on the Think Media team and if you have any questions, please post them there.

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