What to do to earn money for blog advertising? great earn money

What to do to earn money for blog advertising? great earn money

This is another great way to earn money by placing direct advertisements on your blog, which many bloggers use. Although this method is quite beneficial for some people, it is not at all for some. 

What to do to earn money for blog advertising?great earn money
What to do to earn money for blog advertising? great earn money

What to do to earn money for blog advertising?

At the ground level, this approach is similar to the ad network, for example, you advertise on your blog and you earn from it. However, there is a considerable difference in its implementation.

Where you have no control over the display of the ad in the ad networks and the revenue generated from it, whereas you have complete control over it. You decide for yourself what ad will be displayed on your blog, what will it cost. 

In this way, the advertiser contacts you to place their advertisements on your blog, in this way the middleman (ad network) is finished and this increases your earning potential.

How it works: You place an ad on your blog - you get a commission when readers click on it, or you can set a monthly or weekly fee from advertisers if you want.

How to apply for blog advertising to earn money:

1. Decide where to place the ad on your blog (ad spots). You can place ads between footers, headers, sidebars, or anywhere in between articles.

2. Create an advertising page on your blog. Give all the information on this page so that it is easy for potential advertisers to decide whether to advertise on this blog or not. Give a brief description of the blog's readers on your page, on which topics you write, and most importantly, be sure to know the price of your ad spots. Since this is your blog, you can decide the price.

Remember, you can charge differently for different places. You can charge a higher price for the header banner and lower the price of the advertisement in the middle of the article. Also, you must provide information on how to contact you on this.

3. Apply to join a monetization network where you can give information about your blog, your ad spots, and their price. This will promote your blog among other advertisers as well. Bickle AIDS is a very popular monetization network.

By placing direct advertisements on your blog

4. Create a box-like 'Advertising Hair' for advertising on your blog. I will keep an eye on potential advertisers visiting your blog.

5. If some advertisers want to negotiate a price with you - then prepare yourself for such possibilities. Once the price is fixed with the advertiser, then run their advertisement on your blog and start making money.

Advertisements for blogs can earn money:

Since you decide the price of your ad spots yourself, your earning capacity is in your hands. However, in general, the larger the readership, the higher your earning will be because advertisers also want to pay a higher price if their products are more likely to be seen by more people. Tips to earn more: Do not put 'advertisement hair' board for all ad spots.

Place dummy advertisements in some prominent places. It gives you some benefits mentally. When a potential advertiser sees your blog. Seeing the dummy ad, the advertiser feels that there are already advertisements on the blog, that is, advertising on this blog can prove to be a profitable deal.

Apart from this, it may come to the mind of the advertiser that the space left for advertising on your blog may also be filled up soon and he may be deprived of advertising on your blog.

Advertise for blog Earn money from your blog to earn money.

Both methods can encourage advertisers to do business with you. Here are the top five ways to earn the most from your blog. Earning money from your blog is neither rocket science nor children's play. You have to be a little smart when choosing and designing products to promote.

You have to try a bit to increase the number of dedicated readers for your blog, which will ultimately help you earn from your blog, and most importantly, you will have to promote your blog to as many people as possible to increase your earnings in the future. 

To promote your blog

Most bloggers write very good articles, but they forget to promote it. A blog without publicity is the same as a secret diary. Only the blogger knows about it. 

The blog reaches the potential readers only through publicity and then it is popular among the people. To promote your blog, adopt any of the above measures, What to do to earn money for blog advertising? great earn money and earn money from your blog.

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