HTML page insert into bloggerspot- page insert into blogger

HTML page insert into bloggerspot- page insert into blogger 

HTML page insert into bloggerspot- page insert into blogger. Insert html page in bloggerpot, how to insert page, today we are going to designate this page that you have given any page, such as Home, Contact, About, Privacy Policy. If we put all types of pages in the Html page bloggerpot, then let's start.

HTML page insert into bloggerspot- page insert into blogger
HTML page insert into bloggerspot

You read this post in its entirety, so that if you insert an HTML page with your blogger template in blogger post then let's start. First of all, friends, you have to log in to your blogger. After login, your blogger's dashboard will open your, then you have to go to the theme, first, you have to go to the theme, click on the theme.

Blogger team HTML page insert into blogger spot

After clicking, you can see Blogger Live, which is also your mobile-friendly theme. After that, you first have to back up your Blogger template. Backing up friends is that if we are not able to put a page link in the HTML code in our team properly, there is some kind of mismatch, then we can re-enter the backup team again.

So you have to backup first. After backup, you should customize, and on one hand, you will see the change in HTML in this way, then you have to click on the HTML you have. After clicking, you have to click on the HTML. After that, you have to first open any page you have created or its contact or privacy policy in the new tab.

For example, after opening in the new tab, you open all three pages in the new tab. After opening, you have to insert their link in HTML coding. The theme has to be opened, about the page of aborts and the privacy policy page, and all the types of pages that have to be opened. As soon as we customize the SPL after opening, the coding of the entire template in our HTML will be opened.

Blogger Theme Customize page insert into bloggerspot

After coding is open, you will click on the template anywhere, after clicking, you will get the control app, after pressing control + f, you have to write here, after writing the aborts it has to be intercepted. Wherever your HTML page is put in blogger post in S HTML coding it will open in front of you.

After opening, you have to see how much space is written about, then you have to interpose in this way, after that you will have to write "#" in the coding in your HTML template at the place where you want to put the page. You can insert a link in the HTML page blogger post by deleting "#" on the page where you want to insert the link.

In most templates, you place "#" in place of the page, where you can easily add a link to any page in the HTML page blogger post. Similarly, you create a "#" on the privacy policy where the link is to be inserted. If you have, then you have to put the link of the privacy policy page in the Html page blogger post at the "#" place, and in the same way, you can also put the contact page.

Putting Pages in HTML Coding Template

So in this way you can put any page in HTML page bloggerpot very easily in the HTML coding template. So guys, in this post, you have learned how to put any Html page insert into blogger spot. Hope you must post our or Would have liked

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